Boost your volume on every Exchanges

Show that your token is attractive!

By boosting your token volume, you increase the credibility of your project - and make it eligible for listing on the most coveted platforms like CoinMarketCap.
Our market making solution is customizable to your needs and is available on all major blockchains

Our Volume boost offers

Increase your volume with safety on Binance Smart Chain

Volume Boost for Listing purpose

We increase your trading volume for a fixed period of time to make it eligible for Coinmarketcap and Coingecko criteria

from 400$

Monthly Volume Boost

We maintain a minimum daily volume to allow a better attractiveness and confidence around your project

from 10,000$

Meet listing requirements

Listing on exchange requires at least 200,000 volume

  • Choose the volume you'd like per 24hrs
  • Eligible on Pancakeswap and Uniswap
  • Binance Smart Chain and Solana

Attractiveness attracts investors

  • Increase your number of holders

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What our Customer are saying

"Custom solution which help us a lot for getting our listing approved by CMC and CoinGecko."

"This was exactly what we were looking for, thank you."

"We needed a custom solution to increase our volume for a period of time. This has been done as per our requirement"

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