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CoinGecko listings are hard to be approved and you have no time to waste. Our experts team take care of everything to make sure that your project is approved in record time.

Our listing process

Tired of rejections? Trust experts to fast track your token!

Ensuring you meet the requirements

CoinTrendPro audit your project to make sure you meet CoinGecko listings criteria. We will assist you if anything needs to be improved.

A listing request, the proper way

We know how to push any project to be approved by CoinGecko. We will  optimize your listing request so it's fully compliant. 

Get aproval in 6 hours to 5 days

Time to wait and let the magic happen. 

Give your coin the fame it deserves

Now that your token is listed, let's push it as trending or most visited. Check out our marketing solutions to get the best out of CoinGecko. 

CoinGecko is a leading cryptocurrency data aggregator visited by millions of crypto investors every month. It's the place to be to showcase your project and generate leads. 
Wondering how to list your token on CoinGecko? Your CoinGecko listing is taking a long time, or it has been refused and the reasons are unclear?
CoinTrendPro analyze your crypto and make sure you meet all the requirements. 100% success guaranteed and fast activation.

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Make your crypto project going to the moon!

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"We got listed in 6 hours. The service provided by CoinTrendPro is very professional."

"We were surprised by the quality of the service. The CoinTrendPro team is the best!"

"After several rejections, we entrusted our listing to CoinTrendPro, and we were approved in only 48hrs!"

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