Trend your token on trending has become very popular with crypto owners, firstly because of the very affordable cost, but also because of the speed at which the token is listed in trends. But especially for the return on investment!

Our offers trending custom offers!

Trending within the Search Box

Place your token in the search box on for 6 to 9 consecutive hours

from 600$

24hrs Trending including Search Box

Place your token in the trending category for 24 hours, during which you will be placed in the search box for 6 to 9 hours

from 900$

Be the first In the search box

Your project is highlighted as a suggestion, in the top trends.

  • Instant ranking
  • Search Box Rank stay for 6 to 9hrs
  • Target position guaranteed

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Make your crypto project going to the moon!

What our Customer are saying

"Service was delivered in 10 minutes. We started to trend 2min after delivery"

"Great job, we highly recommend CTP!"

"We've chosen the 24hrs package. No joke, we trended as promised"

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