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Don't be rejected by Coinmarketcap, let us fast track your token!

Listing your token on CoinMarketCap is not an easy task, and you may face several consecutive rejections that could delay your project. Our listing team makes sure that your project is meets CoinMarketCap's requirements and take care of your listing request. 

Our listing process

Tired of rejections? Let experts list your token!

Analysis of technical requirements

Let's start by auditing your project to make sure that it meets CoinMarketCap strict listing criteria. We will guide you if anything needs to be improved!

Filling of a compliant listing request

We know what CoinMarketCap look at to list a token. We optimize your listing request to showcase your project in the most compliant way.

Get listing approval in 6h to 5 days

Time to wait and let the magic happen. 

Self-reporting dashboard assistance

Your token is listed, it's time to log in into your self-reporting dashboard. We will assist to update any information or get listed in CoinMarketCap ICO calendar. 

CoinMarketCap is the world's most trusted price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies, with hundreds of millions of users a year. It's the platform to target to get exposure and generate new lead flow. 
But it's not that easy... It can be a long and difficult process to get listed on CoinMarketCap by your own.
We have helped dozens of crypto agencies and crypto owners to list their tokens on CoinMarketCap. CoinTrendPro guarantees to fast track your token so you can focus on the rest.

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What our Customer are saying

"We got listed in 6 hours. The service provided by CoinTrendPro is very professional."

"CoinTrendPro told us what we had to improve and then managed to list us in a day!"

"After several rejections, we entrusted our listing to CoinTrendPro, and we were approved in only 48hrs!"

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