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Spotlight your coin to the most popular crypto pages on CMC

Redirecting traffic from the most popular cryptos that get 80-90% of visits to your crypto project is a powerful marketing solution. This is possible thanks to the custom comments we can trend in the CoinMarketCap livechat.

Our comments services

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Custom Bulk comments

Define the pages you want to target, as well as the comments to be published and the time frame - We publish comments from certified accounts

from 100$ per 1,000

Bulk comments & comment likes

We can post comments on the pages of your choice, and can like the comments you want on those same pages

from 150$ per 1,000

Trending comment

We can trend a custom comment that mentions your project on popular CoinMarketcap pages like Bitcoin.

from 500$

Trend a comment that mentions your crypto

Choose a popular crypto such as Bitcoin, and add your crypto within a trending comment!

  • Comment in top #1 trending
  • Custom comments
  • Custom marketing strategies based on your requirement

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What our Customer are saying

"We ordered custom comments with likes. It was a new strategy we wanted to try. Not disappointed at all"

"Fast activation - It took around 2hrs to define our needs for Cointrendpro, then we've seen the comments on the chosen page"

"Lovely team. They understood exactly what we planned and they brought a few ideas that have been added!"

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